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In short Chronic Edibles provides the highest quality Marijuana Edibles you can buy online. At Chronic Edibles we only use lab tested products. Lab testing ensures that your Medibles are exactly the right dose every time. In order to enjoy your edibles we design them to be eaten all at once. This allows you the consumer to actually enjoy the products with out worry. In conclusion allows you to eat normally with out fear of sickness or negative side effects.

In order to ensure uniqueness we use specific strains for each type of edible. Specific strains allows you to know exactly what the side effects are.Therefore can tailor your edible experience. Furthermore these products will best suit your needs.

To summarize the key difference between us and our competition are as follows:

  1. We use lab tested product.
  2. All our products are based on a 100% THC.
  3. Variety of strains to give you different results
  4. Decarb – (Decarboxylation) The process of heating the THC to just below ignition temperature. So as to activate the THC and give you the best Product with the highest potency.

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