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Why Put Your Trust in Us?

As a Canadian based company we are proud to serve all of the country no matter where you live. We started with the idea of making edible products that we wanted not what was being sold or made in the market. How many times have you tried an edible and either it didn’t do anything or it is the complete opposite and your heads blown off and your visiting the bathroom and passed out because it was dosed so incorrectly. Our goal is to give you the ability to eat a normal portion either a full bar or a peanut butter jam sandwich and have the same effect as a strong drink.

Undoubtedly we’re dedicated to several ideas with how we consume edibles. We only use lab tested products in our edibles which allows us to exactly know how much THC is in all of our products. Secondly all products so through the decarboxylation process. The process in which THC is brought to a temperature that activates the THC. THC that is activated means that the psychoactive ingredients are at there peak and give maximum performance. Furthermore by following these principles we can now offer you medium dosed products. Which gives you the desired effects that you want all based on how much you consume. rather than trying to read a Chrystal ball to figure out what works for you.

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Now that we have dialed in our edible process we wanted to offer quality grown flowers to enhance our offerings. Hence we can become more of a one stop shop convenience for you. We want you to feel secure and comfortable when it comes to how you buy weed online as well as buying your edibles.

Chronic Edibles – The Founders

Dave started out in the late 90’s like many of his generation and was growing different types of strains from his basement. This was a hobby that he enjoyed while he apprenticed as a chef through culinary school. Dave finished in the top three of his class and from there allowed him to run many of Vancouver’s eateries and Hotels. Now he gets to match both passions under one business. This truly helps people find products that solves their challenges either by medicinal or recreational needs.

Nancy started her journey back in Toronto where she enjoyed and flourished working at some of the local shops giving her the insight and understanding of how different strains help certain people and their ailments. Now combined with Dave’s Culinary back ground and her Knowledge of strains , they have combined to give the best quality products with full disclosure of the strains used in every product.